Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Babe In The Manger

Before the beautiful Nativity Scene,
in the silent twinkling of the lights.
I inwardly heard the angels singing:
here are no earthly delights
But rather before you a Baby
who while resting in prickly Hay
Holds the power to change all darkness
into the brightest day
(c) littlefranciscan

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Immaculate One

Dec 8, 2006

The Immaculate One

Today we celebrate a feast
we call to mind a maid
Who from her conception kept immaculate
the graces in her displayed
Chosen to Mother God's Son
while remaining a virgin fair
Her life was one continuous "fiat"
her actons one uninterrupted prayer.

No other on earth could match her
or know her priveleged grace
She alone surrendered her body
to be God's Resting place.
Taking from her flesh a body
and placing within it His Son
The Eternal One became incarnate
in her womb Redemption begun.

It is fitting that we honor this mother
that we realize the beauty she knew
For in so doing we honor her Creator
and the Son who within her grew.
Only that which is completely spotless
could carry the spotless One
So we err not in saying
she was Immaculate
for she mothered
God's only Son.

Joy Pachowicz
December 8 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The song of the humble

Though we may not make the front page
or hold a Phd
Though others may not applaud us
or seek our company
We find comfort and solace knowing
our angels record for You
The many hidden kindnesses
for others we may do..

Though others may be chosen
and we may never be
Though our work seems to be foolish
by all the Powers that be
We find our peace in knowing
our angels speak to you
Of all the things unnoticed
yes everything we do.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Saint Francis of Assisi

Born into riches, but poverty enveloped him.
Fame acclaimed him, but humility inspired him..
Friends abandoned him, but God embraced him
Family mocked him, the Crucified touched him
Nobility sought him, but the lepers found him
The world shouted at him, but the Gospel inspired him
Treasures were due him, but alms fed him
Fine clothes were offered him, but rags clothed him.
Today, no longer with us, but liturgy keeps memory of him
Brothers and Sisters worldwide, live vows while following him.

(c)littlefranciscan: 2006

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Of God's Goodness I Will Sing

When I wake up in the morning
and the sun dances on my face,
When I wash to cleanse my body
and pray for a day of grace;
When I step out into the sunshine
and look at everything
I will praise God my Creator
And of God's goodness I will sing.

When the storm clouds round me gather
and the sky grows dark and grim
When trials beset my soul
and it's hard to think of Him
When death's angel lurks around me
and finally comes knocking
I will lift my voice in prayer
and of God's goodness I will sing.

When I close my eyes in death
and in my casket lie
When friends gather round me
for the final goodbye
When life in me is over
and the final shovel of dirt they fling
My soul will fly to Jesus
and of God's goodness I will sing.

(c) joy pachowicz 2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Peace Lord Peace

My dearest Jesus, please hear my prayer
the world is full of war
Nations are rising up against each other,
they hear of peace no more.
Seems no one wants to take the steps
that will bring a happy end.
Rather nations rise up against each other;
one's foe was once a friend.

(c) 2006: joy pachowicz

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Reach out to them Lord.

For all the sicks ones dearest Lord
I make this humble prayer
Hold out to them Your Healing Love
and let them know You care.
For those whose lives are soon to end,
give them O Lord Your Grace;
And help them carry out Your Will
whatever may take place.

For all your sick ones dearest Lord
I pray and beg Your Healing
That will enable them to accept Your Will
which their illness is now revealing.
I ask for all of them dear Lord
a miracle if that could be
But if it can't my dearest Lord,
comfort them in their agony. Amen

(c) 2006: joy pachowicz

Our Great God Loves Simplicity

When I look at the vastness of the sky
and consider the depths of the sea..
I ponder the power of our Almighty God
how marvelous He must be.
Then I survey the ground below
with it's countless blooms so fair;
Imagine how tender our God must be
to produce so many flowers everywhere.

(c) joy pachowicz